About Us

We are Willo

Born in the Pandemic, Raised through the lockdown & Adapting to life – We offer a healthy natural alternative to pharmaceutical options to provide a sense of comfort. Whether you feel disoriented when you wake up or anxious before bed, we are there with you to adapt and adjust to your environment.

Willo offers a wide range of CBD & THC products to fit your lifestyle. Whether you enjoy a sweet treat, a drop of euphoria or a calm cloud, we can offer a solution to adapt to your life.


Fully licensed under the Health Canada Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations, Willo Productions Inc. provides customized cannabis oil extraction services for Canadian cannabis and hemp producers. The only one of its kind in Canada, we use state of the art system and proprietary extraction technology to provide a superior yield with the clarity, colour and purity we look for. By employing emerging technologies, we process top-quality product. Willo Productions is dedicated to introducing the finest Cannabis extracts to use within our edibles to ensure a safe, high quality product to you.

We are dedicated to ensuring you have the highest quality products sourced from the best plants, using the safest methods. We guarantee quality.

All testing for pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, micro-bacterial life and the cannabinoid profiles are done in house with our state of the art laboratory. Once satisfied with the results we send all our products for third-party testing before sending to you.

Most companies only have third-party testing. Willo tests both internally and through third party to ensure a consistent, safe product to all our customers prior to shipping.